Monday, October 13, 2008

Baba wa Taifa Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere enzi za uhai wake, atakumbukwa daima na Watanzania kutokana na busara zake ni miaka tisa sasa tangu kufariki kwake.

Friday, August 29, 2008


This is the last day of Internet workshop for Tanzania Journalists, I can’t believe if we are finishing this workshop because it was nice and good for us in order to develop our professional.

The workshop started on Monday within this week and contain Journalist from difference media.

Through this workshop I get new ideas concerned how Internet can simply my work to search for various information which is importance for a everyday Journalist.

At the last day of our workshop we learned more about to put images in the Blogger which we have been open since we are starting our workshop and to up to date the images.

Our teacher advice us to visit various blogs which are own by difference person inside or outside of our country in order to get more experience concerning blogs and to share difference information through these blogs.

Other things which we have learned today is to avoid to be good at copy and paste things from the internet without to understand because this is bad journalism, it is importance to search for the facts and develop it yourself.

He told us if he/she want to use information from the internet it will be better to write the facts at the notebook of print it in order to guide you when you write your story.

If your good at copy and paste you might be in trouble because is necessary to understand things you want to copy it before using, otherwise you will be in the trouble because you can’t use the material of other person without to get permission from him / her , unless otherwise he/she will take you to the court.

This workshop was good for me because I get a new idea concern internet , before I think internet is for search news from difference news agencies but not true, You can get various information through internet example stories about sports, name of people and things, the name of place and name of difference company.

I am proving that internet has changed society and communication globally and I believe that journalism is the age of internet.

I will use my knowledge I have get here to teach my fellow journalists in our company to understand what internet is and how they use this to get difference information.

I am taking this opportunity to say thank for MISA and VIKES Foundation without to forget Mr Peik Johansson and Mr Maggid Mjengwa for give us a nice training concerning internet.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


When you talk about mountains in the world Kilimanjaro will be the one of these mountains.

Kilimanjaro are among of the highest mountain in Africa which lies on the border of to countries Tanzania and Kenya.

This mountain have three summits which are Shira, kibo and Maweze all are very recent origin and both have suffered considerable erosion and only jagged peak remain.

The weather of amount Kilimanjaro at the South of the equator is affected by the passage of the Inter tropical Convergence Zone, which brings with it the main rainy periods.

Normally the drier seasons are associated with clear, dry weather which can last for weeks on end.

Kilimanjaro weather is generally encountered in the mornings and convectional rainfall, if any tends to come in mid-afternoon.

Temperatures very considerably with height and time of day, on the plains surrounding Kilimanjaro the average temperature is about 30°C. at 3000m.

Frosts can be encountered at night while day time temperatures range from 5 to 15°C. Night time temperatures on the summit can be well below freezing.

The shine and beauty of amount Kilimanjaro is started to disappear because of climate change, the ice of mount Kilimanjaro is melting, the ice has disappeared since 1912, with about one-third melting in just the last dozen years.

At this rate, all of the ice will be gone in about 15 years. Scientists hypothesize that less snow on the mountain during the rainy season.

According to the article written by ABERCROMBIE and KENT about the climate challenge of Mount Kilimanjaro, it is estimated that by the year 2020 there will be no glacier left on mount Kilimanjaro climb, that sign show Africa's beauty could soon be a thing of the past.

Climate change is already having an impact on habitats critical to the survival of wildlife in places around the globe.

The Signs of a changing of climate in Africa it doesn’t affect mount Kilimanjaro alone but it cause to spread of disease and melting glaciers in the mountains, warming temperatures in drought-prone areas, and sea-level rise and coral bleaching along the coastlines.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today we are in Third day of Internet Training, when I came here in the morning the first thing which I have done is to up to date my Blogger for putting a new story concern the whole activities about yesterday.

After that we are learning about to edit the story and how to link other website in my Blogger.

Other importance things which I have learned today is to know that if I want to search anything to the Internet is importance to know which things what I want to search.

We learned how to find information through various website examples capital city of difference countries like Burkina Faso, the names of the President like Namibia president, contact of difference person and companies and to search for the population and how we can get data about Malaria.

All in all we found these information through difference website example Tanzania government website,,, and other website.

Today class is very nice and impotant for me because up to know I know how to up to date story in my blogger.


The Second day of Internet Training for Tanzania Journalist, I learned the process of opening the blogger concerned this situation I see how internet is important for the whole day of our lives.

Through the ideas I have got concern how blogger is and importance of this things, I used that chance to open my blogger which I have gave name called and if anyone who want to visit my blogger He/She can use this address.

You can get various information through visit difference blogger example news, Entertainment, history of difference issues and other things.

I have visit difference website example, Tzonline website through these website I saw various information about Tanzania country, the website which shows allAfrican here you can see difference African newpaper and other website.

The useful website which I visited yesterday is because here I can get difference information concern Africa and other is

Among the prolbem which I got yestdey is how to search the website for the one time and show the result.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The first day when my news Editor told me to attend to the internet workshop for Tanzania Journalist I was so happy because I ‘m a journalist so I need to know more from information different source among of them is Internet, I know how to use Internet program but is not well.

I have joined in this workshop in order to get more experience on how to use Internet to find different information inside of our and outside of our country in order to be current, because nowadays a global is like a village.

Since I was here on yesterday I have learn more on how use different website to search the information for the one time especially news from different news Agencies, Social reports, political issues, Entertainment and other things without to go to the place to look for the information.

Though Internet I can get the whole information though different website which I didn’t know before, and other web site.,, Wikipedia. org and other different website.

I think the training will be good for me to increase my knowledge, I will use my knowledge which I have got here to train other who don’t know how to use Internet.