Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The first day when my news Editor told me to attend to the internet workshop for Tanzania Journalist I was so happy because I ‘m a journalist so I need to know more from information different source among of them is Internet, I know how to use Internet program but is not well.

I have joined in this workshop in order to get more experience on how to use Internet to find different information inside of our and outside of our country in order to be current, because nowadays a global is like a village.

Since I was here on yesterday I have learn more on how use different website to search the information for the one time especially news from different news Agencies, Social reports, political issues, Entertainment and other things without to go to the place to look for the information.

Though Internet I can get the whole information though different website which I didn’t know before,Amazon.com and other web site., Miniclip.com, Wikipedia. org and other different website.

I think the training will be good for me to increase my knowledge, I will use my knowledge which I have got here to train other who don’t know how to use Internet.

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