Friday, August 29, 2008


This is the last day of Internet workshop for Tanzania Journalists, I can’t believe if we are finishing this workshop because it was nice and good for us in order to develop our professional.

The workshop started on Monday within this week and contain Journalist from difference media.

Through this workshop I get new ideas concerned how Internet can simply my work to search for various information which is importance for a everyday Journalist.

At the last day of our workshop we learned more about to put images in the Blogger which we have been open since we are starting our workshop and to up to date the images.

Our teacher advice us to visit various blogs which are own by difference person inside or outside of our country in order to get more experience concerning blogs and to share difference information through these blogs.

Other things which we have learned today is to avoid to be good at copy and paste things from the internet without to understand because this is bad journalism, it is importance to search for the facts and develop it yourself.

He told us if he/she want to use information from the internet it will be better to write the facts at the notebook of print it in order to guide you when you write your story.

If your good at copy and paste you might be in trouble because is necessary to understand things you want to copy it before using, otherwise you will be in the trouble because you can’t use the material of other person without to get permission from him / her , unless otherwise he/she will take you to the court.

This workshop was good for me because I get a new idea concern internet , before I think internet is for search news from difference news agencies but not true, You can get various information through internet example stories about sports, name of people and things, the name of place and name of difference company.

I am proving that internet has changed society and communication globally and I believe that journalism is the age of internet.

I will use my knowledge I have get here to teach my fellow journalists in our company to understand what internet is and how they use this to get difference information.

I am taking this opportunity to say thank for MISA and VIKES Foundation without to forget Mr Peik Johansson and Mr Maggid Mjengwa for give us a nice training concerning internet.

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